Regionalization Study Online Now

The regionalization study, conducted by the Princeton consulting firm Porzio Bromberg & Newman, is available for download now. 

Experts from the firm will provide an overview at a public meeting, 7 p.m. Wednesday, February 8, at the South Hunterdon Regional High School auditorium. A question and answer period will take place for questions from residents and school or municipal officials about the study’s findings and the regionalization process. All are welcome.

The study took more than five months to complete. It makes specific recommendations and consists of the following areas:

  • Introduction
  • Educational Profiles
  • Educational Programs
  • Racial Impact
  • Financial Impact
  • Conclusion

Download the study | Download the study addendum

As the regionalization study is over 100 pages, there will be a limited number of printed copies. Please print a copy for yourself or put a copy on a portable device.


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4 Responses to Regionalization Study Online Now

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  3. Tara Christopher says:

    I was thinking of moving to Lambertville with three children but my concern is that the school rating jump UP almost 10 schools in a year. Why is that?? I want to make sure my children will receive a great education. Why did the test scores drop in one year???

    • swolock says:

      Hi Tara

      Thank you so much for your interest in our schools and Lambertville in particular. I can tell you with great pride that Lambertville is a unique and wonderful place to live. I would like to forward your question to people who can answer it better than I can, but I’m not quite sure about a couple of things. What school rating and which test scores are you referring too? Are you referring to Lambertville Public School (the elementary school in Lambertville) or South Hunterdon Regional High School, where our 7th through 12th graders go to school. I’ll be sure to share your questions/concerns with the right people so we can post a reply.


      Steven Wolock

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